Hongik University Scholarships

Hongik University is a private research university located in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 1946 by the Korean independence activist, Chang Ucchin. The university has a strong reputation for its arts and design programs, including architecture, industrial design, and visual communication design. In this article, we have explained all the details regarding Hongik University Scholarships.

The university also has programs in various other fields, such as engineering, business, law, social sciences, and humanities. It is currently ranked as one of the top 10 private universities in Korea and is a member of the Association of East Asian Research Universities.

The university’s campus is located in the Mapo-gu district of Seoul and is easily accessible by public transportation. It has a range of facilities for students, including libraries, sports facilities, and student clubs and organizations. Students can study in Korea and experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Hongik University Scholarships

Hongik University offers various international scholarships for international students to help with their tuition and living expenses.

#1 Excellent GPA scholarship

The payment for students in their first year of school is made after the second semester. The amount and method of selection of payment depend on the GPA of the students who have earned 12 or more credits in the previous semester. The following outlines the amount of payment based on the GPA achieved in the previous semester:

  • GPA in previous semester of 4.0 or more: All tuition is covered
  • GPA in previous semester of ≥3.5 and <4.0: 80% of tuition is covered
  • GPA in previous semester of ≥3.0 and <3.5: 60% of tuition is covered
  • GPA in previous semester of ≥2.5 and <3.0: 40% of tuition is covered
  • GPA in previous semester of ≥2.0 and <2.5: A fixed amount of KRW 1,200,000 is paid.

Foreign students enrolled in the College of Architecture and College of Fine Arts are eligible for the aforementioned scholarship if they have achieved a GPA within 3% of the required GPA in the previous semester. The Scholarship Team selects students who meet the criteria, and the corresponding department offices notify them. The students must provide their foreign registration certificates and photocopies of their passports, after which the scholarship is deposited into their personal accounts.

If a foreign student enrolled in other departments completes all subjects (15 credits) including Korean language courses during the first semester, they are eligible for a payment of KRW 900,000, excluding students in the College of Architecture or College of Fine Arts. The process for receiving this scholarship is the same as described above.

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#2 International Scholarship


  • Freshmen with TOPIK II level 5 and above

Method of selection:

  • The Admission Committee selects 10 students among incoming students
  • Maximum of 2 students from each country
  • March admissions: 4 students / September admissions: 6 students


  • Tuition fee including admission fee
  • Dormitory fee during regular semesters (double room)
  • Prior consideration for work-study scholarship

Payment period:

  • 4 years [5 years for Architecture(5-year program)]
  • From the 2nd semester, students who completed 12 or more course credits in the previous semester and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are awarded the scholarship.

#3 Korean Language Scholarship

  • If you have passed the TOPIK II language proficiency test at level 4 or higher, you may be eligible for a scholarship.
  • If you are studying Architecture or Fine Art & Design, you need to have passed the test at level 5 or higher.
  • The scholarship covers a certain percentage of your tuition and accommodation fees, depending on your test level and campus location.
  • The scholarship starts after you have been admitted for one semester or one year, depending on the campus and your test level.

#4 International Language Institute Scholarship

  • To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to have completed two or more semesters of Korean language education at the International Language Institute of Hongik University and received a grade of 4 or higher.
  • If you qualify, you will receive a scholarship that covers 30% of your tuition and shared accommodation fees for one semester after you start your program at the university.

#5 TOPIK Scholarship

  • To qualify for this scholarship, you must currently be a student at the university and have passed the TOPIK II language proficiency test at level 4 or higher.
  • However, your score must also be higher than the score you received on the TOPIK test you took when you first applied to the university. You will need to submit your TOPIK transcript manually to apply for the scholarship.
  • If you meet these requirements, you will receive a scholarship of KRW 100,000, and if you improve your TOPIK score in the future, you can receive an additional KRW 40,000 for each level you advance.

For more information regarding Hongik University Scholarships, check the official site here.