Best Korean Internships 2023 for International Students

Are you hunting or interested in a destination to do your internship in Korea? Why not give South Korea a shot for internships? People can find a lot of benefits by pursuing Korean internships. You have various chances for internships in South Korea, just as in other business-friendly countries of the world like China and Japan.

The nation boasts one of the best GNPs across the entire globe. They also have expanding economies as a result of their vibrant markets due to their plentiful natural resources. The nation has increased its emphasis on research and information technology. When mentioning Asian nations that deal with vehicles and auto components, South Korea comes to mind.

What is the Cost of Living in South Korea?

The expense of housing changes from area to area in South Korea. For illustration, it is impossible to contrast the expense of living between a rural and an urban region. Many employees prefer to look for roommates who would live in a shared space with them. Another expense that will come out of your budget is maintenance. You may spend up to $4 on a coffee mug if you are the kind of individual who adores it.

There are particular localities in South Korea, nevertheless, where you will expend a huge amount of cash. For illustration, a supper for two at an unusual restaurant may cost about USD 7. You won’t spend much on traveling if you elect to reside in Seoul while conducting an internship in South Korea because the city has a reliable and affordable bus service.

Different Korean Internships in South Korea

Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy

 Let’s say you have a strong desire to begin your career with a global work training scheme. In such a scenario, you might want to think about conducting your internship in South Korea with a business like Beyond Academy’s Seoul Internships. You can expand your abilities in your specialty by working with the business organization.

The company is aware of the effectiveness of education’s transforming potential. In light of the interaction, you will learn from them while performing your internship with the company, you should count yourself grateful. They place more emphasis on practice than on study. Their main objective is to transform education by offering students hands-on learning opportunities. You can apply for Seoul Internships Beyond Academy Here

Beyond Academy has a reputation for providing unmatched insight into careers. Beyond Academy is situated in Seoul, a bustling business metropolis that is home to several renowned corporations including Samsung and Hyundai. Their internship program includes 18 different areas, including commerce, engineering and science, and mainstream fashion.

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Korean Internships with UNOSD

The United Nations Office for Sustainable Development, known by its acronym USD, offers to share information and accelerate its dissemination to speed up the shift towards a more economically viable community. They concentrate on organizing, enhancing, and evaluating the transfer of knowledge-based resources to interns.

Additionally, you will learn innovative techniques for resource-efficient growth. Fast contact between managers and scholars is made possible thanks to one of the internships in South Korea. You can apply for Korean Internships with UNOSD Here

Internship Program in South Korea (Seoul)

It is a location where many individuals can acquire an internship to learn more about worldwide trade. You can apply for this paid internship if you desire to collaborate with a nonprofit international organization. You can pursue personal language classes to work with non-governmental groups in your home country.

Anyone will receive free K-pop dancing instructions each week in addition to Korean courses. The programs for this internship include ones on advertising, Korean heritage, linguistic interaction, and intercultural learning. It is among South Korea’s greatest internship opportunities. You can apply for Internship Program in South Korea Here

Travel & Tourism Internships organized by CCRC Asia

Numerous interns can work in the developing tourist sector in South Korea. The South Korean legislature has also earned money for its nation via the development of technology and the production of automobiles. You may better grasp the shifting market by participating in an internship with Travel & Tourism.

Additionally, you get a rare chance to learn firsthand about South Korea’s rapid economic development and entrepreneurial characteristics. There are spaces to make use of their professional development hub, accommodations that are conveniently placed, etc. You can apply for CCRC Travel & Tourism Internships Here

NextStep Korean Internships Abroad

By signing up for Next Step Internships, you can receive real work exposure with experience abroad. You can choose any of these amazing cities, like Paris, Dublin, Kenya, Italy, Peru, and others, for your internship date, profession, tenure, and location in Asia. Your personal development will be enhanced by the internship if you have any constraints.

The internship runs from May to August and lasts from 4 to 24 weeks. It is available to recent graduates and students who want to spend their summer vacation traveling across South Korea. You can apply for NextStep Korean Internships Abroad Here

Internship in Korea by Asia Internship Program

Students of South Korea can get the opportunity of an internship at one of the respected organizations. To get extensive expertise, they can engage you with leading South Korean firms. Your aspirations, professional ambitions, and expertise set can all be improved by the Asia internship. Students are encouraged to combine professionalism with cultural exchange.

Annually, over 750 individuals from diverse regions of the world apply for internships, with a 96% placement record. As a result, South Korea will have another internship. You can consider this organization if you’re looking for an opportunity to do an internship or want expertise. You can apply for Internship in Korea through Asia Internship Program Here

International Business Development Internship with AIP

You can apply for the Business Development Internship with AIP if you wish to become familiar with various business industries. It’s a paid internship and a different way to make money. Gaining training in a multitude of disciplines, including business strategy, customer support, branding, and sales, is the main goal of an internship.

Additionally, this internship has a wide range of partners to learn from, from small and medium-sized businesses to significant global firms. Whether you are managing a regional or multinational organization makes no difference. You will get a fundamental understanding and expertise of the organization’s workings during the internship. Even though you will get knowledge on how to develop a business, the responsibilities you will execute will fluctuate depending on the company you work for. You can apply for AIP Internship in Korea through Asia Internship Program Here


South Korea is a fantastic destination to perform an internship abroad. Additionally, the nation is ranked first globally for 4G LTE coverage, which has helped to add to the high internet speed. That’s why they are a side appeal for investors because of their many technological breakthroughs.

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