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Want to explore South Korea? Need Guidelines for South Korean Tourist Visa? We have provided you with complete guidelines for Tourist Korea Visa. Nothing is best than preparing a tour, specifically one you’re looking forward to. Also, the most significant part comes when you purchase your tickets, pack your luggage, and start daydreaming about your vacation. Your enthusiasm escalates as the list elongates, and before you realize it, it’s time to leave.

Additionally, A vacation to Korea is among the very greatest activities you can do for yourself if you’re learning the Korean language. Provides exposure to a richness of culture, art, and food, but also gives you a chance to gain language abilities.

Making an agenda for a vacation to Seoul or another region of Korea won’t be simple! There are countless South Korean tourist sites that you may put on your wish list, but relying on your preferences, there could be specific items or locations that are a must-do.

What documents are required for South Korea Visa?

For Korean E-Visa using the Visa Portal

    • Scanned copy of passport pages along with relevant documents
    • Valid for at least 6 months 
    • 2 blank pages for stamps
    • Digital Photograph
    • Size 3.5cm x 4.5cm
    • front view
    • recently taken

Afterward, A finalized electronic visa application for the Korean form is uploaded through the official Korean Visa website;

For Sticker Visa Applications

    • Passport
    • Acceptable for a minimum of six months and at least two pages can be used for stamps.
    • Filled out and signed Visa Registration Application No. 17
    • Attached is a copy of the passport information document
    • If appropriate, documents proving the applicant’s ability to pay for their stay in the nation (dimension should be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm);
      • The most recent three months’ worth of original, stamped bank statements.

    Note: Another key point To find out if there are any additional criteria, get in touch with the Korean immigration office or consular office in your region. Also, relying on the location or the homeland of the resident, other papers could be needed.

    Steps for obtaining a Tourist Visa for South Korea

    For e-visa applications using the portal, gather the necessary paperwork and complete the application form by going to the main Korea Visa website.

      • Complete the online form for a Korean tourist visa.
      • Include a digital copy of your passport photo and complete the online South Korea visa application form.

    How to Pay South Korean Visa application charges?

    Electronic debit and credit card payments are accepted for the charge.

    Please Keep in Mind

    For candidates who have funders or inviters

      • To apply for an e-visa, the sponsor must visit the Korean Visa Portal, fill out the applicant’s Korea visa application form, and submit it for evaluation. The applicant must then download the form, fill it out, and submit it to the relevant Korean diplomatic embassy together with the other prerequisites and the visa funds for the work permit to be approved. The funder must then email the candidate the verification code.

    For sticker visa applications

    • Firstly, Compile the necessary documentation.
    • Complete the digital form using the Korean Visa Portal.
    • Secondly, go to the authorized South Korean Visa webpage, pick your citizenship, choose a quick visit for tourist activities, determine the duration of your vacation, and press Start.
    • Complete the application for a visa to South Korea. Block letters must be used to complete the form in English.
    • Finally, Verify whether the Korean embassy in your country permits applicants to download the application form from the internet and manually complete it.

    • Make an interview for your South Korean tourist visa.

      • Accordingly to find out if you require to make an interview or if you can complete your South Korean tourist visa application without one as long as you do so within regular business hours, call the South Korean foreign ministry, embassy, or VAC.

    • Apply for a South Korean tourist visa that you copied off.

      • Deliver the completed online application, along with the necessary supporting documentation, photos, and other South Korean visa prerequisites, to the embassy, representative office, or VAC.

    Submit the Korean tourist visa application charges.

    Attention: Candidates with funders or inviters for the Korean tourist visa

      • For paper visa applications in Korea, the recipient or host must complete the South Korea visa registration paperwork on behalf of the nominee and submit it to the Korean Immigration Department for assessment. Because the applicant must present the verification number to the Korean embassy office in his home homeland or place of residency so that a Korean tourist visa can be obtained. The sponsor is then expected to offer the candidates the verification information.

    South Korea Visa Fees

    For single-entry visas with terms of more than three months, the tourist visa processing cost is $60; with durations of less than three months, it is $40. Also, the solidarity criterion, the applicant’s citizenship, global conventions, and global accords, however, may influence the price of a visa. When paying for a tourist Korea visa through the website electronically, extra costs can be imposed.

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    Where to Apply for South Korea Tourist Visa?

    There are 2 approaches to submitting a visa application for South Korea. Through the main South Korean e-visa site, individuals can file their South Korean visa applications digitally. If you prefer, you can apply for sticker visas at one of the foreign embassies, Representative offices, or visa guidelines for Application Institutes in South Korea. The list of South Korean tourist visa application sites is available here. Only applications from citizens or residents of the applicant’s own country can be registered.

    Applications can be started on the visa portal by the intended recipient or support for e-visa applications submitted on the individual’s account. For a sticker visa application, the applicant must start the procedure by completing the application form for a tourist visa in South Korea and submitting it to the Korean Immigration Department.

    Processing timeframe for South Korean Tourist Visa applications

    A South Korean e-visa can be processed in as little as 3 working days after being submitted. However, there are rare circumstances when the processing duration is extended, such as when more papers are needed. An email or SMS notification will be issued to the applicant if the procedure requires longer than expected.

    Applications for South Korean visas sent to foreign embassies in other countries are handled five working days after they are received. It could take longer in some circumstances, though. For the length of the procedure, applicants are urged to consult the notice boards of the diplomatic mission where the application was made since each embassy can have various processing periods based on their workloads.

    For Approved Korean Visa Applications

    It is recommended that you double-check the data on the visa and make damn sure it matches the data on your passport.