EWHA Womans University Scholarship in Korea

EWHA Woman University Scholarship in Korea is announced. Before moving further, we let you know about A nonprofit and well-known institution in South Korea named  Ewha Womans University. It was established in 1886 and is regarded as one of South Korea’s older institutions.  Throughout its lengthy history, it has offered both career possibilities and high-standard schooling to academic and professional education students.  Ewha Womans University offers Ewha Womans University Scholarship every year for exponential and outstanding students.

The Ewha Womans Institution, which has 21,600 alumni enrolled, is a relatively big university that provides a social environment that is culturally diversified and enables you to interact with individuals from all aspects of life.

One of the best universities in South Korea is Ewha Womans University, which has a 586 global rating on average. You can choose from several bachelor’s degree programs, including those in psychology, business, and governance. Courses in social science, welfare programs, and history are available for master’s degrees and are also offered by the university.

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EWHA Womans University Scholarship in Korea:

Foreign students are eligible for financial aid from Ewha Womans University, including grants and scholarship programs. You may realize your ambition of studying overseas with their additional support without having to pay a lot of money. Discover the scholarships at Ewha Womans University you can apply for in this post. To assist you with your application process, we’ve also collected the relevant information, such as admission requirements and critical timeframes of Korea Scholarships. Let’s start rolling!

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What degrees are offered EWHA Womans University Scholarship?

This Korean Scholarship is available for a wide range of master’s and Ph.D. study field areas. The department available are:

  • Korean Language & Literature, 
  • Chinese Language & Literature, 
  • Language & Literature,
  • French Language & Literature, 
  • German Language & Literature,
  • Christian Studies, Philosophy, 
  • History of Art, 
  • Political Science 
  • International Relations, 
  • Public Administration,
  • Economics,
  • Library and Information Science, 
  • Sociology, 
  • Social Welfare,
  • Psychology, 
  • Consumer Studies, 
  • Communication & Media,
  • Women’s Studies,
  • Child Development,
  • North Korean Studies,
  • Education, 
  • Early Childhood Education, 
  • Elementary Education, 
  • Educational Technology, 
  • Special Education, 
  • English Education, 
  • Social Studies Education, 
  • Korean Education, 
  • Communication Disorders, 
  • Law, Business Administration,
  • Content Convergence, 
  • International Office Administration,
  • Music Therapy, 
  • Mathematics,
  • Statistics, 
  • Physics, 
  • Chemistry & Nanoscience, 
  • Life Sciences, 
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences, 
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical Science, 
  • Science Education
  • Mathematics Education,
  • Health Convergence, 
  • Nursing Science,
  • Nutritional Science & Food Management,
  • Eco Science, 
  • Medical Sciences, 
  • Bioinspired Science, 
  • Brain & Cognitive Sciences, 
  • Artificial Intelligence & Software, 
  • Electronic & Electrical Engineering, 
  • Food Science & Biotechnology, 
  • Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, 
  • Architecture, 
  • Architectural & Urban Systems Engineering, 
  • Environmental Science & Engineering,
  • Climate & Energy Systems Engineering,
  • Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering, 
  • Music, 
  • Fine Arts, 
  • Design, 
  • Fashion Industry, 
  • Dance, 
  • Kinesiology & Sports Studies, 
  • Medicine

Interdisciplinary Programs are also open for international students including the majors available in the department of :

  • Bioethics Policy Studies,
  • East Asian Studies, 
  • Gifted Education, 
  • Multicultural/Intercultural Studies, 
  • creative, 
  • Bio-Information Science, 
  • Big Data Analytics, 
  • Behavioral Socioeconomics, 
  • Social Economy, 
  • BT Convergence, 
  • Smart Curation, 
  • Computational Medicine,
  • Asian Women’s Studies, 
  • Posthuman Studies, 
  • Transformation Design, 
  • Media, 
  • Arts, 
  • Humanities.
  •  Ewha Womans University also offers Global Education in the unit of Foreign Studies and Korean linguistic Studies. Applicants can apply for only one program.

What are the benefits of EWHA Womans University Scholarship?

  • Admission and all tuition expenses are covered by the scholarship
  • Monthly and entrance reward
  • Flight ticket
  • The reward for graduating and learning Korean
  • Thesis publishing expenses and research support expenses
  • Health coverage
  • Cost of language classes
  • Duration of school
  • The stipend will be awarded based on the program that candidates choose.
  • The study program lasts two years for master’s learners. Whereas the Ph.D. program requires three years of study time
  • Before enrolling in university courses, recipients of the scholarship will need to take a year of Korean language classes

What are the Eligible criteria for EWHA Womans University Scholarship?

  • Individuals in the program who are in good psychological and physical condition
  • Applicants who fulfill the program’s standards for academic background and language proficiency.
  • Individuals who earned at least 2.64 out of 4.0 or were in the top 20 percentage points of their class in their previous studies.
  • Scholars who are younger than 40 (or up to 45 for candidates who are university professors in the recipient nations’ Official Development Assistance (ODA))

GKS Scholars may submit applications with additional prerequisites.

  • People from GKS partner nations who are not Korean nationals, do not have Korean parentage, and do not presently possess dual nationality with Korea.
  • Candidates who haven’t applied to other institutions for the GKS University Course

How to apply for EWHA Womans University Scholarship?

  • Please Review the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) registration requirements and the  Ewha Womans University degree to which you are enrolling.
  • When applying, ensure you fulfill all of the prerequisites for the study programs you’ve selected.
  • When applying, ensure that you comply with all eligibility conditions for the study programs you have selected. Download the form, complete it in its entirety, and submit it along with all necessary supporting documentation before the deadline for scholarship registration.

What Documents are Required to apply for EWHA Womans University?

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of parent’s passport (identity card)
  • Family registration certificate
  • Application form provided by NIIED
  • One recommendation letter
  • Personal statement (Study Plan)
  • GKS Applicant Agreement
  • Health check report
  • Undergraduate transcripts and certificates notarized by the Korean Embassy or with an Original or certified copy
  • Graduate degree transcripts and certificates notarized by the Korean Embassy or with an Original or certified copy (for Ph.D. applicants)
  • English Proficiency Certificate and Korean competency exam results (optional)
  • The uploaded papers won’t be changed. All paperwork must be presented in its original form (or photocopy approved by the institution releasing them). Non-English or non-Korean records must be accompanied by a certified translation. There may be circumstances and programs where candidates must submit further paperwork.

How does the process of selection go?

 Ewha Womans University will determine the preliminary decision according to academic ability, accomplishments, potential, and other factors that will be evaluated from the submitted papers.

  • Notifications inviting applicants to an online interview assessment are likely
  • Around the end of May, the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) will propose applicants who completed the first phase of the assessment.
  • Around the end of June 2024, the main site for the Study in Korea will reveal the results of the final decision.

What is the Application Deadline for the EWHA Womans University Scholarship?