Chung-Ang University Scholarships in South Korea 2024

Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University (CAU) located in Seoul, South Korea was Established in 1918 as the Chung-Ang Kindergarten Normal School, it has since grown into a comprehensive university with 10 undergraduate colleges and 16 graduate schools. In this article we have explained all the details reggarding Chung-Ang University Scholarships.

CAU has a diverse student body, with over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled from all over the world. The university is known for its excellence in research and has been designated as a “Brain Korea 21” institution by the Korean Ministry of Education.

CAU offers a wide range of programs in various fields, including business, engineering, law, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The university also has strong partnerships with leading universities around the world, providing students with opportunities for international exchange and study abroad programs.

In addition to its academic programs, CAU is also known for its vibrant campus life, with over 200 student clubs and organizations available for students to join. The university’s athletic teams, known as the Chung-Ang Blue Dragons, compete in various sports and have won numerous national championships.

Overall, Chung-Ang University is a prestigious institution that offers high-quality education and a diverse and dynamic learning environment for students from around the world.

Here are some of the QnA that students might have in mind when applying for Chung-Ang University Scholarships :

How can I get a scholarship to Chung-Ang University?

Before applying to your preferred study program, ensure that you review the application guidelines provided by the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Graduate program and the specific program at Chung-Ang University. It is important to confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements before submitting your application.

Does Chung-Ang University accept international students?

International applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate institution are eligible to apply for admission to the graduate school program, provided they meet the eligibility requirements for the Master’s program. Alternatively, applicants who hold both a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from accredited undergraduate and graduate institutions are also eligible to apply.

Can I get full scholarship in Korea for international students?

Yes, the government of South Korea offers full scholarships to international students who wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs in Korean universities, including in the fields of engineering, medicine, and technical training. The Korean Government Scholarship (KGS) program is available to eligible candidates who meet the selection criteria, and applications typically open in February each year. If selected, recipients of the KGS scholarship will receive funding to cover tuition, airfare, accommodation, and living expenses during their studies in Korea.

How can I get full scholarship in Korea?

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet certain criteria, including having a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 80 percent (out of 100 percent) or being in the top 20% (out of 100%) of high school students. Additionally, both the applicant and their parents must hold the nationality of a country other than South Korea. These eligibility requirements may vary depending on the specific scholarship program and the institution offering it, so it is important to review the guidelines carefully before applying.

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Chung-Ang University Scholarships

Chung-Ang University (CAU) offers a range of scholarships to support its students in achieving their academic goals. These scholarships are available to both domestic and international students, and are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, and other factors.

Here are some of the scholarships available at Chung-Ang University:

International Student Scholarships of Graduate School

The Graduate School at CAU offers international scholarships to students pursuing graduate programs. The scholarship is based on the admission score and academic performance of the students. The details of the scholarship are as follows:

1st Semester:

  • Full tuition waiver for admitted international students who achieved Level 6 proficiency on the TOPIK, scored above 91 on the IBT TOEFL exam, scored above 780 on the TOEIC test, or scored overall 6.5 on the IELTS test
  • 70% tuition waiver for admitted international students who achieved Level 5 proficiency on the TOPIK
  • 50% tuition waiver for admitted international students who scored 80 points or higher out of 100 for CAU admission evaluations
  • Full tuition waiver for selected students based on admission score (70 or higher out of 100 score)

2nd Semester:

  • Full tuition waiver for students who have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.3 or higher
  • Refer to 3rd-4th Semester

3rd-4th Semester:

  • 50% tuition waiver for students who earned a GPA of 4.3 or higher during the previous semester
  • 30% tuition waiver for students who earned a GPA of 3.3 above to 4.3 below during the previous semester

To continue receiving scholarships, students must complete at least 6 credits each semester and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 or above. If a student fails to maintain the minimum GPA, the scholarship will not be renewed.

The scholarships will be awarded within the budget range of the school, and exceptional students will be chosen through the selection process based on their CGPA of the previous school and their grade of the admission exam.

Students are required to pay admission and other fees at the time of admission. If the scholarship, along with other scholarships the student is receiving, exceeds the cost of the student’s tuition, the international student scholarships will be reduced and will not be given to the student as personal money.

For students who fail to receive their 1st-semester scholarship before their 2nd semester starts, there will be another selection procedure. They can receive 2nd to 4th-semester scholarships only when they are selected.

Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship Program

Introduction: Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship (CAYSS) Program is a graduate scholarship program for international students from prestigious institutions worldwide. The program aims to select and recruit outstanding students majoring in Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medicine.


The scholarship program provides various benefits for recipients, including:

  • Covers Tuition fee for four semesters
  • Also cover application and admission fees
  • Monthly stipend from academic advisor (minimum of 500,000KRW per month)

Conditions for CAYSS Recipients:

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet the following conditions: A. Admission Requirement: International students majoring in Natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Medicine must have obtained consent and recommendation from one of the Chung-Ang University full-time faculty members. B. Conditions of Benefit: Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher each semester and get the approval signature of their academic advisor each semester. C. Duration: Four semesters for Master’s or Doctoral Degree Program, and eight semesters for Master’s and Ph.D. joint Degree Program. D. Research Registration: Ph.D. To graduate, students need to register for research in two semesters. The registration fee for research is 10% of the full tuition fee, and it is not covered by the CAYSS scholarship.

  • Master’s Degree: An article must be submitted to JCR before graduation, published within one year of graduation, and separate from the presentation of thesis for graduation.
  • Doctoral Degree: An article must be published to JCR as a first or corresponding author, separate from the presentation of thesis for graduation.
  • Master’s & Ph.D. Joint Degree: An article must be published to JCR as a first or corresponding author, separate from the presentation of thesis for graduation.


The scholarship is for students studying Natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing, or Medicine. International students who have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, or both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from accredited universities, can apply for admission to the graduate program.

A. International Applicants:

  • International applicants can apply.
  • An applicant who is a foreigner and has completed all educational courses or degrees in a foreign country for more than 16 years equivalent to primary, secondary, and university education.

B. Those who obtained acceptance and recommendation from their prospective academic advisor, who is currently a full-time faculty member of Chung-Ang University.

How to Apply:

To apply for the scholarship program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find faculty members in the field of your interest for your future academic advisor.

Step 2: Send an email to the faculty members directly and ask for permission to join their laboratory.

Step 3: If a full-time faculty member at CAU agrees to accept you as a CAYSS scholar, they will send a recommendation letter to the CAU Office of International Affairs.

Step 4: Applicants must submit their applications online through the CAU International Admissions website.

Regulations and Policy Regarding Cancellation of Study:

In case a successful applicant decides to cancel or leave school after the semester starts, they will be requested to pay a certain amount of tuition fees based on dates.


The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a scholarship program offered by the Korean government to international students who wish to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or research programs in Korea. The program aims to promote cultural exchange and enhance global cooperation by providing financial support to outstanding students from all over the world. GKS covers various expenses including tuition, airfare, accommodation, and living expenses. The scholarship is highly competitive, and the selection process is based on academic excellence, language proficiency, and personal qualities. GKS recipients are expected to play an active role as cultural ambassadors and contribute to enhancing mutual understanding between Korea and their home countries.

For more information visit here for Chung-Ang University scholarships, Official Site.