Best Korean Universities for Study in Korea

Are you looking for the best Korean universities for study in Korea? We are sharing the 11 best Korean universities for Study in Korea. As Korea is One of the foremost well places to study in Asia and the entire world in Korea. Seven higher education institutions from Korea are among the leading 200 universities across the globe according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2022. Overseas students have the choice of completing degree programs, study-abroad semesters, or Korean language courses. The majority of these degree programs are available in Korean, while more and more are now in English. These degree programs are internationally recognized programs that are needed in the modern era.

Do you know? these best Korean Universities for Study in Korea also offer thousands of International Scholarships every year to overcome the burden of Korean & international students during their studies. The Korean scholarships are available for Korean Language Courses, Short Courses, Undergraduate / Bachelors, Masters (MS / MPhil), and Ph.D. degree programs in all academic fields and majors.

Want to know more about South Korea?

South Korea, a country in East Asia, is popularly known for its desolate islands and modern commercial hub. Traditional performances and other culturally significant locations serve as reminders of the country’s long and glorious antiquity, which led directly to a diversity of traditions. Technology behemoths like Samsung and leaders in the car sector like Hyundai are both from Korea. Besides this, Korean contemporary cultural identity, which contains an array of exciting dining alternatives, clothing, and music, continues to have an impact on society internationally.

Despite political turmoil, Korea has emerged as a global leader in digital advanced technologies. Both clinical new technologies and healthcare vacations have advanced significantly in South Korea. We shall examine the leading / best Korean universities for study in Korea for foreign students in this post.

11 Best Korean Universities for Study in Korea for International Students

1. Seoul National University (SNU)

The leading education system in Korea for foreign pupils is Seoul National University, which has been leading academic achievement in the country since 1946. It is a constituent of the dominant SKY academic institutions, a coalition of Korea’s topmost higher education institutions. It contains sixteen colleges that provide a variety of programs in fields including engineering, medicine, and humanities. Its specialized master’s degree programs provide training in disciplines including public management and data science. Every year, over 700 training courses are conducted in English, which fuels the growth of international students. SNU is extensively acknowledged for its workpiece research is also extensively acknowledged for its workpiece research, specifically in medical and science education. The SNU is one of the best Korean universities for study in Korea for foreign students.

SNU has been a pioneering institute in the consolidation of democracy and tranquility on the Korean peninsula. This mission encompasses cultivating worldwide potential and international alliances. Touring of SNU’s stunning, contemporary campus is provided.

2. KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

In terms of inventions, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements in Korea, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is the best. It was established in 1971 by the Korean government and became the premier entity for engineering and science with a general research emphasis. The improvement of recreational technology and eco-energy is the central objective of its universities and Korean institutions.

5 colleges, 7 schools, and thirteen graduate schools make up this premier institution in Korea, which was founded to generate value for the whole world. Over 600 overseas learners are recruited each year by the culturally diverse international body KAIST in Korea. Moreover, English is used to teach around 80% of the courses.

3. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

One of Korea’s top private institutions, Sungkyunkwan University, has its roots in Sungkyunkwan, the main academic Centre of the Joseon era. The entity is still a huge component in trade and commerce nowadays and persists to be accommodated in its earliest position. Hyundai, Samsung, and other public sector entities fund the research centers of SKKU, which culminates in insights that are important for organizations and communities.

Students at SKKU have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and other design and manufacturing equipment at the learning factory. A substantial library and sports infrastructures are extra benefits. The learning model and academic expectations of the universities are illustrative of the Confucian principles that laid the framework of SKKU’s philosophy.

4. POSTECH4 (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

POSCO, a South Korean metallurgical manufacturer, launched the nongovernmental research entity Pohang University of Science and Technology. As a new institution, POSTECH rose quickly and persistently in worldwide university rankings, particularly in science and technology. With its 11 Sci-Tech disciplines and 73 research units, it trains specialized engineers. Modern infrastructure at POSTECH includes the only energy-dispersive warehouse in the country and the Pohang Acceleration Research lab.

Many foreign students enroll in POSTECH, one of the top institutions in Korea for international students, notably the master’s and doctoral degrees. It also engages effectively with national and international associations that have the same emphasis on sustainability. For illustration, POSTECH and KAIST arrange the yearly basis Scientific Warfare as a platform for bachelor’s degree exchange of knowledge.

5. Korea University (KU)

Korea University is one of Korea’s earliest-known institutions of higher learning. It promises a remarkable education and learning in almost all subjects of study thanks to its 81 educational units. The school especially recognizes for its commercial, legal, and medical disciplines. Technology, biology and chemistry, and cultural studies and management were among the significant category rankings for KU. KU also integrates moral principles into all of its educational initiatives.

The prominent SKY universities in Korea include KU. Korea University enrolls about 4000+ international students which increases the population. The recently established Graduate School of Foreign Relations encourages increased cross-cultural communication.

6. UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) 

A comparatively modern institute for research and technological research is the Ulsan National Institute of Scientific and Technologies of South Korea. This prestigious college was established in 2007 in response to the escalating demand for specialists in Ulsan, Korea’s booming business. In several academic subjects, the college has swiftly gained a solid international reputation. Four special academic institutions, a school of management, and 13 scientific and technical specialties are all available through UNIST. The focus of its present research is on cutting-edge nanomaterials and next-generation energy.

To encourage professors and students to pursue two specialized fields of study, UNIST encourages interdisciplinary learning. UNIST aggressively recruits international students. Every course is taught in English at the earliest higher education institution in Korea to achieve this.

7. Yonsei University

The earliest university among Korea’s highly esteemed universities is Yonsei University. It relates to the SKY higher education institutions community, has very tough admissions criteria, and frequently spots significantly in international higher education rankings. In practically every field, Yonsei University provides extensive graduate and undergraduate programs. It is 153 research institutions that carry out multidisciplinary studies on contemporary international challenges like disparity and environmental degradation. Authenticity and regional autonomy are principles that Yonsei nurtures in its university community.

Over 4000 overseas students have benefited from Yonsei’s significant international partnerships and initiatives. Its sites, especially the institution in Sinchon, are famed across the globe for their aesthetic and security.

8. Kyung Hee University (KHU)

Among the highest-quality institutions in Korea for foreign learners, Kyung Hee University is a member of an organization that provides instruction from pre-kindergarten through doctoral courses. The Institute of Medicine at KHU is renowned in conventional Asian medicine as well as other medical specialties. The Department of Phys Ed at KHU is the top university in Korea for Taekwondo, teaching, sports healthcare, and Phys ed. The institution’s top program is catering and recreational planning.

There are several international partnerships for Kyung Hee University. The United Nations Academic Influence initiative on civil rights and conflict management is one example among many. KHU collaborates with more than 400 sister institutions throughout the world.

9. Sejong University (SJU)

One of the Private Sejong universities was formerly recognized as the Kyung Sung Humanities Institute. It was given a new name to recognize Sejong the Great’s contributions to the development of the Korean alphabet, or Hangul. SJU is well regards In the fields of excellent customer service and tourist administration. The college is also proud of its animation, dance, and rhythmic gymnastics programs. It contains nine colleges offering programs in many different fields, including the liberal arts, technology, and biological sciences.

The university’s research centers are mostly concerned with astronomy, global warming science, and green energy. SJU recognizes worldwide for it bestowed to faculty and epidemiologists including Dr. Jaewoo Lee, the first Korean to operate NASA’s Hubble Telescope.

10. Hanyang University (HYU)

In Korea, Hanyang University is one of the top institutions, especially for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). It began as an engineering school in 1939 and has a reputation for organizing the campaign for independence in Korea. In a plethora of higher education fields, HYU offers various bachelor’s and undergrad programs for Korean or international students. The engineering curricula are among the best in the world in Korea by several higher education institutions of Korea.

Hanyang University boasts several STEM research breakthroughs and works together with government agencies on a variety of projects. Internationally, HYU partners with more than 700 universities. About 3000+ foreign nationals embrace and it promotes Korean learners who aspire to engage in attractiveness to foreigners.

11. Kyungpook National University

Private Kyungpook National University may be found in Daegu, South Korea. It was founded in 1946 as Kyungpook National College of Education and has since developed into one of South Korea’s finest prestigious colleges.

Due to the numerous chances for foreign students to participate in exchange programs or study abroad, Kyungpook National University enjoys a positive reputation among these students. The campus offers a welcoming setting that gives students a sense of natural ease. While attending classes here, students may take use of the institution’s well-built facilities.

QnA Section for Study in Korea in Best Universities

How many Best Universities in Korea?

There is a large no of the best public and private Korean universities for Study in Korea for domestic and Korean students.

How much does it cost to study in Korea?

ProgramApproximate Costs (per semester, in US Dollars )
Associate Degree / Diploma$1,600-$3,000
Undergraduate / Bachelors Course$2,000-$10,000
Masters / Postgraduate Program$1,100-$10,000
Ph.D. Degree$1,500-$15,000
Study Expenses in Korea

Can I study in Korea for free?

Yes, you can free study in Korea, as there are hundreds of domestic and international scholarship programs offered in the best Korean universities for study in Korea. Students can also get benefits of free study because the Korean government bares all expenses of students including full tuition fees, airfare/tickets, resettlement allowance, health / medical insurance, monthly stipend, living expenses, and Korean language courses.

Which courses are best in Korea?

    • Interior Design
    • Information & Communications
    • Arts and Music
    • MBA / ACCA & CA Course
    • Robot System Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Fashion and Jewelry Design
    • Medical Sciences
    • Construction Engineering

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