Yonsei University Scholarships 2024 – South Korea

In search of scholarships to attend Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea? Yonsei University International Scholarship makes every initiative in its abilities to ensure that students can afford a high-quality education through monetary help in the form of numerous scholarships.

Yonsei University Scholarships

For its undergraduate and master’s degree programs, Korean language programs, summer and winter schools, and non-degree programs, Yonsei University offers a wide range of funded and fully funded scholarships. Through the Korean Government Scholarship program, international students can also look into available national scholarships. Also, see which type of financial help best suits your requirements for studying in Korea by exploring your options and the links below.

Following, the first English-speaking liberal arts institution in Korea is Underwood International College, eventually which is also known across the world as Yonsei University’s premier international program. Explicitly, its 2,500 pupils from 66 various nationalities are taught by 112 eminent foreign and Korean academics. The goal of UIC is to provide a diverse collection of international students from across the world and give them a multidisciplinary education that emphasizes participatory democracy, international standing, and critical and innovative thinking.

Majors Offered in Yonsei University Scholarship

UIC offers 16 majors in different fields as follows.

1. Underwood Field

Underwood Division: 

  • Comparative Literature and Culture,
  • Economics, 
  • International Studies, 
  • Political Science 
  • International Relations, 
  • Life Science and Biotechnology

2. Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Field

  • Asian Studies Division
  • Techno-Art Division:
  • Information and Interaction Design,
  • Creative Technology Management, 
  • Culture and Design Management
  • Integrated Social Sciences Division: 
  • Justice and Civil Leadership, 
  • Quantitative Risk Management, 
  • Science,
  • Technology and Policy,
  • Sustainable Development and Cooperation

3. Integrated Science and Engineering Field

  • Integrated Science and Engineering Division

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What Documents are Required for the Yonsei University Scholarships?

  • A faculty member’s candidacy letter 
  • The pupil exchange petition 
  • An academic recommendation letter in English 
  • A statement of enrollment (English)
  • A record of grades
  • Study’s objective (Korean or English)
  • A duplicate of your passport
  • Photograph (white backdrop, 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Certification of English and Korean Competency
  • Completion Verification Letter 

Yonsei University Scholarship Programs

#1 Admissions Scholarship of Yonsei University Scholarships

  • Qualification: Newly admitted international students to UIC
  • Types: full tuition for 4 years
  • How to apply:
  •  International applicants who apply to UIC will be immediately eligible for scholarships. Evidently, among the accepted candidates, scholarship recipients will be chosen based on their academic qualifications. Also, a scholarship award notice will be provided to each finalist independently and included in the admission packet. Further To continue the scholarship the next semester, scholarship winners must maintain a specific GPA each semester.

#2 Yonsei University Merit-based Scholarship

  • Qualification: Currently enrolled UIC students
  • Types: full, half, or one-third of the tuition per semester
  • How to apply
  • Forthwith all UIC students are immediately regarded as eligible for scholarships. Henceforth, the scholarship requirements for each semester may change; for additional details or to apply for a scholarship, please see the announcements.

#3 Yonsei University Need-based Scholarship

  • Qualification: Currently enrolled UIC students
  • Types: full, half, or one-third of the tuition per semester
  • How to apply:
  • Identically, for UIC students who require financial assistance, the Freedom Scholarship will be presented after each semester. Firstly, Applications must be submitted together with the necessary paperwork, which will be evaluated by the UIC office. Finally, the scholarship selection committee may call candidates in for personal interviews.

#4 Other scholarship opportunities offered by the Yonsei University Scholarships

Numerous scholarship programs exist, some of which are not regularly offered but can be accessible at any given time of the academic year or semester. The UIC administration will inform all qualified UIC students when such a chance becomes available.