Kyung Hee University Scholarships

Kyung Hee University, often referred to simply as KHU, is one of South Korea’s prestigious and renowned institutions of higher education. Established in 1949, it has grown to become a leading university in South Korea and has gained international recognition for its academic excellence, innovative research, and commitment to fostering global leaders. In this article, we will explain all the details regarding undergraduate Kyung Hee University Scholarships.

Kyung Hee University (KHU) is a welcoming institution for international students, and it has a strong commitment to providing a supportive and enriching experience for students from around the world. KHU has a diverse and vibrant international student community, with students from over 120 countries. This diverse environment provides a unique opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and learning.

Kyung Hee University for International Students:

The university offers various programs and initiatives designed to enhance the international student experience. These include exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, and English-taught degree programs across various disciplines.

To accommodate international students who may not be proficient in Korean, KHU offers a range of English-taught degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs allow international students to pursue their studies in English while still benefiting from KHU’s academic excellence.

Host Country: Korea

Host University: Kyung Hee University

Financial Assistance: Funded Kyung Hee University Scholarships

Degree: Undergraduate Level

Kyung Hee University Scholarships Types:

  1. SDGs Scholarship
  2. Pioneer Scholarship
  3. Admission Scholarship
  4. Academic Encouragement Scholarship
  5. TOPIK Encouragement Scholarship
  6. Kyunghee Sibling Scholarship
  7. Kyunghee Alumni Scholarship

#1 SDGs Scholarship: Full tuition for the first semester, with the possibility of continued support for up to 4 years after admission.


  • Currently residing in Korea with ‘refugee’ status or equivalent granted by the Korean Government.
  • Nationality of DAC’s ODA beneficiary countries (Least Developed Countries, Low Income Countries, Lower Middle Income Countries & Territories).

#2 Pioneer Scholarship: Full tuition for the first semester, extendable to a full year if the beneficiary completes 12 credits in the first semester with a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Eligibility: Students from countries that are not enrolled in a university based on higher education statistics.

#3 Admission Scholarship: Full or half tuition for the first semester.

Eligibility: Different admission scholarships are offered so their criteria varies.

#4 Academic Encouragement Scholarship: Graded payment.

Eligibility: Select honor students among applicants with a minimum 3.0 GPA from the previous semester.

#5 TOPIK Encouragement Scholarship: 300,000KRW per semester, with a maximum of 3 semesters of benefits if eligible.

Eligibility: Students with a GPA of 2.0 or above who have completed 12 credit points or more, and have not received Admission Scholarship B or C and hold TOPIK Level.

#6 Kyunghee Sibling Scholarship: Half of the tuition for the first semester (Not a scholarship for tuition reduction or exemption).

Eligibility: Students whose sibling is enrolled in the undergraduate school (attendance and leave of absence).

#7 Kyunghee Alumni Scholarship: Half of the tuition for the first semester.

Eligibility: Students whose parents are both graduates of Kyung Hee University’s undergraduate school.

These scholarships at Kyung Hee University aim to provide financial support and incentives to a diverse range of students based on various eligibility criteria, ensuring that opportunities for education are accessible to students from different backgrounds and circumstances.

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